Gas Chillers

Finned coils are normally used for chilling gases at very low pressures, up to 20" of water. They can however, be placed in pressure vessels for cooling gases at higher pressures. The fins are used to extend the surface of the tubing, which contains cold refrigerant and enhance the cooling effect. Filters may be used to clean dirt from the gas and keep it from depositing on the coil.

A shell-and-tube type heat exchanger can be used for air-cooling, air-drying, gas cooling, and stripping of condensable from a gas stream. These units can be designed to handle gas pressures in excess of 2,000 PSIG. This evaporator will contain the product in a rigidly defined area. This is necessary when cooling gases that are potentially explosive.

When choosing which type of unit to use (DX or flooded) follow the same guidelines as liquids in regards to the cleanliness of the product. Contact us and we will be happy to help you decide on the proper system for your cooling needs.