Heat removed from a product during the refrigeration process must be disposed of. This heat can be dumped as waste or reused for space, water, or process heating. The section of a refrigeration system that accomplishes heat rejection is the condenser. Two types of condensers are currently available: Water Cooled and Air Cooled.

Water cooled units are the best, where water is available and inexpensive, or where heating of the ambient air is objectionable.

Examples of water cooled units Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Air cooled units are desirable where water is expensive, heating of ambient air is not objectionable, or where heat will be dissipated out-of-doors.

Examples of air cooled units Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 Example 7 Example 8 Example 9.

Generally we find that air cooled condensers, on units over 10 HP, need to be located out-of-doors unless they are in a very large area.

A wide variety of arrangements is possible by mixing these components or using other designs. We would be happy to discuss your application, engineer a system to the requirements, and build a unit to accomplish your objectives