Rowald Refrigeration Systems Photo Catalog
Vandellos II Nuclear Power Plant
Vandellos, Spain
Nuclear Safety Related
Capacity:  284 Ton
Coolant:  Water
Coolant Inlet Temperature:  53.6F
Coolant Outlet Temperature:  44.6F
Coolant Flow Rate:  758 GPM
Condenser:  22% Glycol Cooled
Glycol Inlet Temperature:  118.4F
Glycol Outlet Temperature:  127.4F
Glycol Flow Rate:  1.317 GPM

284 Ton, Glycol-Cooled Water Chiller
Staging The Compressor Section For Lift Into The Building
Lifting The Compressor Section
Installing The Chiller In The Plant
Compressor Section
Condenser, Evaporator, and Electrical Controls
Glycol Pump
These pumps circulate the glycol from a dry cooler on the roof to the condenser