Rowald Refrigeration Systems Photo Catalog
Model: WACI-7500-ACU-30KW-6A

Cooling Capacity:  480,000 Btu/h

Heating Capacity:  102,360 Btu/h

Air Flow:  12,800 SCFM

Condenser Cooling Water:  32F to 121F

Saturated Evaporator Temperature:  41.5F

Saturated Suction Temperature:  33.7F

Suction Temperature:  53.7F

Maximum Saturated Discharge Temperature:  137F

Suction Pressure Limiting With Automatic CPR Valve:  65 Psig

Condenser Water Control Valves:  Three, Direct Acting, Staged

Customer:  Arkansas Nuclear One


This is one of two EMERGENCY SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER designed to maintain ARKANSAS NUCLEAR ONE'S Control Room at 84F, when it is isolated from the rest of the plant, and running with 121F service water.  There are two complete systems although only one will run at a time.  Each system has a heat removal capacity of 480,000 Btu/h when running with 41.5F Saturated Evaporator Temperature, 33.7F Saturated Suction Temperature, 137F Saturated Discharge Temperature, 5F Liquid Sub-cooling, and 53.7F Return Gas Temperature.

Each unit consists of three sections: a condenser, an air handler unit (AHU), and a temperature control enclosure.  The condenser section contains the compressor, condenser, water regulating valves, filter dryer, crankcase pressure regulating valve, accumulator, hot gas circuit, quench circuit, and their associated electrical controls.  The AHU contains the liquid line solenoid valves, thermo-expansion valves, evaporator coil, duct heater, blower, and their associated electrical controls.  The temperature control enclosure contains the thermostats to control the temperature in the control room.

The AHU and condenser sections are connected with field installed refrigeration piping.  The sections incorporate isolation valves to allow for shipment of the sections while maintaining their factory seal.  The AHU section requires disassembly for installation.  The electrical system is interconnected in the field.  Wiring between the sections electrical enclosures and the control room switches are provided by the customer.